«We Remember»
18.09.2014 Former prosecutor’s office’s investigator: Many security officials know the truth about abductions
18.09.2014 Portraits of the abducted opposition leaders appeared in Grodno streets
18.09.2014 Zmitser Bandarenka: Regime behaves like a serial killer
18.09.2014 Protesters In Washington Remember 'Disappeared' In Belarus
18.09.2014 Solidarity Day in Minsk
18.09.2014 Valeria Krasovskaya: Pourgourides's report puts everything in its place
16.09.2014 Fifteen years without Viktor Gonchar and Anatoly Krasovsky
08.09.2014 Disappeared Belarusians will be commemorated in the Netherlands on September 16th
08.09.2014 Announcement: human rights rally BELARUS, WHERE ARE HANCHAR AND KRASOUSKI? in Washington
08.09.2014 Statement and Request of the Belarusan-American Association (BAZA) and the We Remember Foundation on the Occasion of the 15th Anniversary of the Involuntary Disappearances of Anatoli Krasouski and Viktar Hanchar
18.06.2014 Iryna Krasovskaya participated in the UN event on tortures and enforced disappearances in Geneva
17.06.2014 Solidarity action took place in the Netherlands
11.06.2014 Announcement: Solidarity action in the Hague
27.05.2014 ICAED Statement on the occasion of the International Week of the Disappeared
17.04.2014 Solidarity action with the relatives of the disappeared Belarusians took place in the Netherlands
15.04.2014 Rising Up! Unity statement of the 2nd ICAED General Membership meeting
11.04.2014 We Remember Statement presented during the ICAED General Membership meeting in Geneva
11.04.2014 Solidarity action with the victims of the political regime in Belarus will take place in the Hague
25.03.2014 Irina Krasovskaya addressed ICAED members during the General Membership meeting
23.03.2014 Irina Krasovskaya is attending ICAED event in Geneva
17.01.2014 Human rights activists meet with Yury Zakharanka's mother
17.01.2014 Solidarity action took place in the Hague
12.01.2014 January 16, the Hague: Solidarity action with the victims of the dictatorship in Belarus
11.10.2013 Inter-Parliamentary Union adopts a regular resolution on the case of Viktor Gonchar also recalling Anatoly Krasovsky
11.10.2013 European Court holds Russia responsible for the disappearance of three civilians in Chechnya
11.10.2013 The Committee on Enforced Disappearances is holding its fifth session in Geneva
11.10.2013 Contribute to the making of the film about the disappearances in Belarus: spread the word!
17.10.2013 Solidarity action with the families of the disappeared Belarusians in the Netherlands
10.10.2013 October 16: Solidarity action with the victims of the Lukashenko regime is set to take place in the Hague
20.09.2013 Involuntary Disappeared Belarusians were commemorated in Eindhoven
03.09.2013 Documentary about involuntary disappearances in Belarus: call for sponsors
03.09.2013 Aleh Biabienin died three years ago
03.09.2013 14th anniversary of the disappearance of Viktor Gonchar and Anatoly Krasovsky to be commemorated in Eindhoven
30.08.2013 ICAED Statement on the Commemoration of International Day of the Disappeared 2013